Added value

“There is a world around the sphere”

Surface Coatings

We provide the required coatings on the spheres and the seats in order to meet your specifications.

We provide different types of coatings: TCC, CC and Stellite.

Raw materials

We either manufacture using your materials or we manufacture your "turnkey" spheres by taking over the procurement of raw materials.

We have our own stock of materials so as to meet the most urgent of requests.



  • We help you design your spheres
    (In House design software)

  • We carry out all the inspections
    (Cofrend penetrant testing, 3D inspection...)

Quality assurance

Bazille was ISO 9001 quality certified in 2012.

ISO 9001 quality certified

Bazille develops and continuously monitors its industrial processes to meet its client’s requirements.


In order to provide customers a complete service, guarantee delivery deadlines or provide a continuous supply, we undertake the overlooking of the logistics, pre and post production:

  • raw material purchase,
  • storage of parts,
  • outfitting the kits,
  • customized packaging,
  • transport...

“Bazille provides for all the machining and grinding operations of the spheres and seats. In order to ensure product quality, Bazille integrates all the additional benefits, such as EDM, grooves, coating...”

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