“the solution does not lie in the leak”

Milling, Grinding and mirror Polishing

 Our expertise :
The exceptional sphericity and surface quality of the valve ball.

Our goal :
The perfect sealing of the valve.


We also work with maintenance companies as part of the refurbishment of existing spheres: milling, grinding, welding under an inert atmosphere.

We are capable of coping with the maintenance of a serie of parts or repair of single parts.

Spherical kit: sphere, seats, coatings

We manufacture different types of spheres

  • Floating balls
  • Trunnion balls

Up to large sizes

  • 5 to 800 mm in milling
  • Up to 1000 mm in grinding

Quality Control

Our dedicated control room allows us to verify the compliance of our parts according to our quality procedures and in compliance with customer specifications.

Dimensional controls:
Sphericity, Boring, Milling...

Surface condition Controls:
Ra, Rt, Rz


Machine fleet

  • 2-4 axes milling center with digital or conventional control
  • Digitally operated machining centers
  • Grinding machine and lapping machine
  • Polishing machine with spherical capacity
  • Various control equipment ...

“Bazille mills and grinds all types of materials, from the hardest: Aisi 410 Inox 304l, Inox 316L, Duplex (F51) Superduplex (F53), Titanium, Inconels, Alloys, Carbides coatings (Ni, Cr, HVOF)”

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