“we can say that we know a thing or two”

Our areas of expertise

Bazille is specialized in spherical grinding and the manufacturing of spherical valve kits of all sizes.

Bazille mills and grinds the valves ball up to a micron for the standard plumbing or specific fitting (High pressure, Corrosive environment) up to the largest of sizes.


Current events

Created in 1953, the company Bazille has been running since September 2015 from its new premises in Ascoux, France.

This modern infrastructure allows us to continue developing our business and at the same time, meet the requirements that we have set for ourselves.


Bazille is known for the exceptional sphericity and surface quality of its products which create the perfect fit and tightness of the valve.

Bazille offers services such as coatings on the spheres, logistics, purchasing raw material or providing comprehensive fitting kits.


“My daily motto:
The satisfaction of my clients and my staff”



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